Losfer Words music is available for purchase as both digital downloads (single songs and albums) and on CD.
Digital downloads are available exclusively through Losfer Words Digital Music Store which allows you to choose your download format (hi resolution flac or 320kbps mp3s, as well as other formats).
If you don't see the track or album you wish to purchase available as a digital download, simply contact us and request that we make it available.
Since most of our fans prefer digital downloads, Losfer Words CDs are available only by special order and manufactured on demand.
If you prefer to purchase the music of Losfer Words on CD, simply contact us and tell us which CD you are interested in purchasing, and reserve a copy for yourself.
We will have one manufactured for you and send you an email link to purchase the CD once your disk is ready.
CDs are currently only available to Losfer Words fans in the USA
To see the full listing of all Losfer Words albums available on CD and as digital album downloads visit the Chronology page (Click the Celtic knot in the menu above)
Purchase Policies