Losfer Words Chronology/Discography
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Visions of Eternity
Visions of Eternity
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In Gardens of Rain
In Gardens of Rain
1. Another Day Dream
2. In Gardens of Rain
3. Summer Lightning
4. Orbit
5. Midnight Lightning
6. Green Is Turbo (Digital Warrior)
7. October Rain

Gardens of the Sun
Gardens of the Sun
Gardens of the Sun
1. Breathing Sunlight
2. Eclipse
3. Autumn Starlight
4. Winter Leaves
5. The Lonely Winter Owl
6. Arctic Lights
7. Mystic Rhythms II
8. The Dreamtime
9. Inter-dimensional Voyager
10. The Path of Sunset

Songs from the Muse album cover

Songs from the Muse
1. Of Muses and Moonlight
2. Serene Starlit Sky
3. Ethereal Enigma 9
4. Railways To Wonder
5. The Spy In The House of Night
6. Wings of Wonder
7. Warm Winter Sun
8. Her Blue Sky Smile

Ethereal Paths album cover
| Ethereal Paths
1. Ethereal Paths
2. Meadows of Eire
3. A Path Less Traveled
4. Shadow Forest
5. Bad Karma Blues
6. Autumn Twilight
7. Moonlit Reflections
8. Star Winds
9. Journey to the Eastern Gate
10. Karmic Lane Change
11. Moving Emotions
12. The Circle of Night

Dreaming album cover
| Dreaming
1. Day Dream
2. A Moment or Two
3. Beyond the Thunder
4. Wings of the Storm
5. On Eagle's Wings
6. Shadows and Light
7. Midnight Again
8. Beyond the Sun
9. 3am Midnight of Souls
10. Accio Firebolt
11. Years Later
13. Empire of Dreams

Deep Space album cover

Deep Space
1. Zero Gravity
2. Leaving Orbit
3. Star Gate
4. Hyperdrive
5. Stars of Orion
6. The Orion Nebulae
7. Pleiades
8. Song of the Stars
9. The Heavens
10. Life Signs

Circles and Rings

Circles and Rings
1. Celtic Sun
2. Wondering Around
3. Winter
4. Goblin's Ice
5. Norse Skies
6. Dragons and Kings
7. Highlander
8. Circle of Stone
Bonus Tracks
9. Lady of the Lake
10. Temple of Rain
11. Wishing Well

Primeval Rhythms album cover

Primeval Rhythms
1. Ancient Sun
2. Mystic Rhythms
3. Dragon
4. Temple Path at Dawn
5. Pulse
6. Eden
7. Secrets In Starlight

Eye of the Storm album cover

Eye of the Storm
Deep Blue Thunder
Eye of the Storm
Having a Bad Day
3am Midnight of Souls
Losfer Words
The Spiders of Mirkwood
A Year Ago
Heart of the Storm
Temple of Rain
Wishing Well

Awakenings album cover

1. Arda Overture
2. Halls of the Valar
3. The Shadow of Morgoth
4. Varda-The Star Kindler
5. Utumno and Angband
6. Valinor
7. Gloomweaver
8. Tears of Nienna
9. Dagor Bragollach

Midnight Wind album cover

Midnight Wind
1. Twilight
2. The Moon in the Mist
3. Falling Stars
4. No Running in the Hall of Dreams
5. Enchanted
6. Echoes
7. Midnight Wind
8. Spiral Descent
9. Shadows Fall

The Stygian Odyssey album cover

The Stygian Odyssey
1. The Thirteenth Bell
2. The Stygian Forest
3. Warrior Souls
4.The Temple of Bells
5. Spirits
6. Chalice
7. The Stygian Odyssey
8. Witch-Hunter
9. Into the Dragon's Cave