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Losfer Words is a deliberate misspelling of " loss for words "
It refers to the music being instrumental, and being unable to think of a more clever name for the studio project.
The earliest incarnation of Losfer Words formed in 1983, with the studio projects first release on cassette (The Stygian Odyssey- inspired by Dante's Inferno and Paradiso) being released in 1987. The projects first CD Midnight Wind was released it 1992, and it would be this new age instrumental sound that would eventually capture the attention of NPR college radio listeners in a few regions of the USA and eventually expand to create a small world wide following with the tracks Temple of Rain and Wishing Well from Losfer Words Eye of the Storm CD serving as the catalyst that garnered the project an international audience..

Losfer Words is:
Those who created:
David: composer; arranger; guitars; bass guitar; piano; synthesizers; keyboards; guitar synthesizers; drum sequencing & programming; percussion; sound design, recording, mixing, and mastering engineer. executive producer, (lead vocals Silver Chord )

Kayleigh: synths & keyboards on the following Losfer Words CDs: Midnight Wind, Awakenings, Eye of the Storm, Primeval Rhythms, Circles and Rings, The Stygian Odyssey, Deep Space, Ethereal Paths, Songs From The Muse

Katherine: electric violin, viola, cello ( Ethereal Paths CD), piano, guitars (1995-2012), co-executive producer 1995-present

Beth: acoustic violin, viola, cello Ethereal Paths CD

John: poet, his poem I Love the Night appears on the track Midnight on Losfer Words's Eye of the Storm CD

Matthew: acoustic drums 1987-1995, vocals (Silver Chord demos)

Kevin: additional acoustic drums (2002-2010)

Jason: additional bass guitar (2002-2010)

Those who helped:
Stephanie: Assistant Mixing and Mastering Engineer 1997-present

Deep Blue Wonders Music Publishing (ASCAP)

The American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers (ASCAP) www.ascap.com

Laurie Z lauriez.com (we all miss you)

Katherine and Stephanie at Fortress of Solitude Studio Ojai, CA

Those who inspired:

Special thanks to:
Our listeners and fans for supporting our music for over 3 decades.