Losfer Words
Official Online Newsletter

Losfer Words has released two new EPs in digital format:
In Gardens of Rain features tracks that did not make it onto Losfer Words Dreaming CD.

Visions of Eternity is Losfer Words most recent work and will be expanded from an EP to a full length CD in the Fall of 2021. Like much of the rest of the world, we've hit a little snag, which has disrupted production of the music for a little while.

New Digital Album! Gardens of the Sun is Losfer Words latest new-age music album and features visionary synthesizer music.

New Music! There are three new Losfer Words tracks available on the Losfer Words digital music site :
Three new Losfer Words tracks!
Lazy Summer Sun
Mystical Moonlit Orbit

That is all for now, or were you actually expecting a longer series of verbose, time stamped posts about the creation of new music and the next CD from someone who calls their music Losfer Words/"loss for words"?